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This is a notice outlining important information about what you can expect as an active member, and while visiting the site. Once you enter your email into one of the registrations forms, you will automatically have an account profile that you can access immediately after registration.

Profile and Membership Pages

Your profile is displayed on two pages; your personal, "my account page, and the, "list of members page". Your account profile is divided into several pages that show specific account activity. Each activity has a page. The complete list of member account pages can be found on my account profile page.

Contact info

Please contact me via email or by chat. I  am always happy to answer your questions, view your comments, and address your concerns.


You will receive emails as part of your membership. If you decide that you no longer want to receive emails but would like to continue your membership, request by email addressed to  info@natureseccentricity.com.

Responsibilities as an Active Account Holder

As an account holder and member of this site, you are expected to maintain and update your account information with a working email.


You are responsible for maintaining and updating your preferences, as well as all of your activity on the site; including posts, comments, shares, and memberships to groups and the forum, while using the same discretion as you do with your main account. 

You are also expected to report any technical difficulties you experience while visiting the site. You are also expected to view updates located on the updates page periodically to stay informed about important changes and events that affect user experience and service availability.